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May 2022

Room in 5-star hotel costs from €365, which in Nov 2020 was €314. 

You can save on your hotel costs:




May 2022

2 dinners, 2 beer, 2-litres Coca Cola costs €30, which in Nov 2020 was €29. You can save on food costs:




May 2022

Cinema ticket, Zara dress, Levi's jeans, Nike sneakers and iPhone XS costs €2290, which in Nov 2020 was €1634. You can save on shopping:


Why Argentina is cheaper now?

Argentina peso experiences dramatical down for some time already, as well as Argentina’s economy due to so called “endless storms”. Peso declined 108.7% against the USD. Country’s statistic agency INDEC, says that 32% of population is living in poverty. President Macri has signed last year $56.3 billion deal with International Monetary Fund and as a part of this deal has cut government spending and raised utilities prices. Above that inflation rate is over 50%, which makes Argentina not the best place to live in, but more affordable for tourists.  

Unique national parks, tango, very delicious food, - are among the top attractions there. It’s time to enjoy it! 


Update: since the beginning 2020 Argentina was in default but in July has reached an agreement with creditors to restructure around $65 billion in sovereign debt, breaking a deadlock in talks that will help the country climb out of default and banish fears of a damaging and protracted legal standoff.

Peso has lost more than 5% in comparison with Euro and more than 7% with USD.

Inflation rate is 50.1% and EU inflation is 5.1%.  


There are plenty of cheap tickets to Argentine from other European countries. The cheapest tickets in May are:

118€ from Asuncion

179€ from Santiago

212€ from Montevideo

296€ from Sao Paolo

Burger, картофель фри и кока-кола

The BigMac Index by The Economist suggests that Argentine Peso is 34,8% undervalued if we look at the Raw Index. And is 11,6% overvalued using GDP-adjusted methodology.